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An Array of Socks [May. 29th, 2012|10:54 pm]
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Green One got its maiden dunking today, and after it been rolled in a towel, then laid flat on a picnic table bench in the hot(!) dry (!) afternoon for awhile, it was dry enough to be hung on the line briefly alongside its elder siblings in the Sock Family.   The Greens were only worn a couple of hours the evening they were finished, so they haven't really shaped to my feet yet, and that fancy heel flap curls in even more than stockingette curls in..  And they were damp.  So they look even longer than they are.  But I like the effect.

Red One has been worn the most (being the first) and then Blue One; Green One will get its first full wearing over the weekend, at A-Kon, along with the others.  I will pack along my own towel to roll them in, lest they put a little color on a hotel white towel.   The difference in size between Red One and Blue One is mostly that I added some stockinette between the ribbing and heel flap for Blue (besides making it a little narrower.) 

Red Two is on the needles, but still  in the ribbing.  Denim One has one sock barely on the needles and one still not cast on.  I could call it Blue Two but it's not that blue, really, and I have yarn for another blue pair that will be a true blue, not a teal (though in the late afternoon light, they don't look the color they really are.)   Red One will be a sort of cross between Blue One and Green One--stitches decreased from Blue, but not the eye-of-partridge heel flap...I want them to fit in shoes that heel's too thick for.  Denim One will be true work socks for in the field--thickened heels (like Green One, but in a less fancy stitch.)  Maybe a thickened sole, too, for more cushioning.   Red Two is coming with me for A-Kon, and I hope to be through the ribbing by the time I get back.  Maybe even through the stockinette and into the heel flap.  I might take Denim One along too.  I have several hours to knit on the train each way.

[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2012-05-30 09:58 pm (UTC)
For any given pair, only one sock really needs to be marked--but in fact it's pretty easy to tell by where the (very visible) toe decreases start. The medial side runs straight longer than the lateral side. I had considered that, or making a knitted mark (even an L--easy to do by purling the right stitched in stockinette--my mother used it to put my initials on my sweaters.)

But it's just not that hard to see (and the one time I hastily pulled on the blue pair, the first sock "told" me by not feeling right.) I will probably mark a pair with a knit-pattern just for the fun of it and to see if it's easier. And when I start doing multiple pairs in the same color, I'm planning to put a narrow, one or two row stripe in a contrasting color near the top, where it'll be hidden by jeans or slacks, but visible in the sock drawer. (Red One and Red Two will be easy to distinguish, since they won't look anything alike except in color.)
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