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80 acres: Water's attractions

This morning a pair of Neon Skimmers were mating, and the female was ovipositing, in the water garden nearest the house.  I didn't get any good pictures of the female,  who hovers just above the water, then oviposits  and "scoops" with the end of her abdomen to throw the egg and some water onto the waterside vegetation.  I got a lot of gold blurs, instead of any good pictures of her...she was in the shade most of the time.  But I did get another good picture of the vigilant male making sure no other male got to her:


A few hours later, a pair of Kiowa Dancer damselflies mated and then the female laid eggs on a leaf in the fastest flowing water the "stream" section has.   As the wind blew, the area was sometimes in sun and sometimes in shade.  Nearby, a Desert Firetail damselfly landed briefly on a pickerelweed leaf.


Other odonates at the water today included Blue Dashers, the Great Pondhawk, and Desert Firetails.  Bird came down in abundance--Carolina wrens, mockingbirds, blue jays, white-winged doves, Inca doves, sparrows, buntings.   Two or three kinds of wasps, honeybees, and flies (not just house-flies, either) were also visiting the water. 


Tags: dragonfly, photography, water

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