e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Yelp for Help

I'm not much of a moviegoer, and with my face recognition problems, I'm not that good at remembering actors--and their names go by so fast on the credits I can't read them.

So here's the problem.  The voice actor person who's going to be involved in the audiobook of The Speed of Dark wants me to help clarify what the voices of the characters sound like.  In terms of actors.  

If and only if you've read the book, and have "heard" an actor's voice in your head while reading it, please let me know who goes with which.   The main thing, he said, is to get an idea of the vocal tone, rate, etc.  Dark, light, gruff, clear, sharp, whatever. 

I can do some of that in terms of singing voices, but...inside my head I heard the *real* voices, not actors' voices because (back to square one) I'm not much of a movie-goer.

Oh, and I have to call him back tomorrow.  No pressure or anything.

Tags: the writing life

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