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80 acres: two new species

Technically, I should be in the car heading northwest.  But I could not resist posting some pictures of yesterday's discovery (in late evening, hence the flash effect on the pictures) of a new plant on the place, or the pictures of the ugly but interesting new insect.

The insect image was taken July 22, at a sap flow from our borer-damaged old ash tree.   It's a Longhorn Cactus Fly, Odontoloxozus longicornis, according to an informant at BugGuide.net.   I would never have guessed a long-antennaed (you can't see them because they're out of focus) insect that looked like this was a fly, myself.


Now to the plant.  I was coming back jfrom Owl Pavilion ust after sunset (but plenty of light in the sky) when I spotted a small, scraggly plant with "globes" of pale greenish yellow.   The globes were flower clusters, rather like those of the Antelope-horns Milkweed, but not white with purple markings--and the linear leaves were sparse.  The closest match I can find is Asclepius linearis, but it's not exact so I've sent in the images to the Wildflower Center's plant ID service.   The first image is of the whole plant; the second is a closeup of one of the flower clusters.

Two new species...and that brings me to 790.   Not far to go to 800!   
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