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Nearly there

I'm in Colorado Springs, having made it this far on the road trip to Denver for WorldCon.  So far a safe, interesting, but tiring trip and I don't expect to have much time to post to LJ during the convention.  My schedule's a bit full.  

Early on, writers want more programming.  We think (writers like me, anyway) that being on lots of program items proves the concom is taking us seriously, and that we're succeeding. 

And in a way, we are.  But other things start taking up time, too.  (None of this is complaint, by the way--it's a statement of fact, so don't decide to tell me I should be grateful.  I already am.)   There's the meeting with one's agent.  The meeting with one's editor(s).  The meeting with one's peers who are pitching an anthology idea.  The meeting with concoms who've invited one to their convention.   Then meeting friends made at previous conventions, and hoping to find out things like whether their neighbor's dog is still  threatening their dog, or the kid got into the preferred college.  And other activities like (if you're an officer in one of the organizations) business meetings, pre-business meetings, post-business meetings, award ceremonies....

So here I am, up to my eyeballs in stuff, and hoping to carve out enough time for a meal with friends along the way.  And sleep.  I really, really, need some sleep, so it's an early bed for me, right now. 
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