e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

When computers glitch....and fluorescent lights

This morning began with a computer glitch...the desktop declined to open Windows on the grounds that a file was missing or corrupted. 

Re-booting seemed to fix that, but you never know, with computers (and no, don't tell me about the wonders of Macs.  I've tried Macs.  They don't think like I think.  Neither does Windows, really, but it's based, at its root back there somewhere, on DOS, which *is* how I think, sort of.  Partly, anyway.)

So of course I started backing things up.  A lot of things.  Some things were pretty current; others weren't, because I take a lot of pictures (you've noticed?) and putting those on CDs is time-consuming and eats up CDs, esp. when the CD-burner software keeps taking dislikes to some CDs.  I worked and worked, and sent Himself off to get more CDs and, if possible, an external hard drive.  Which is now sitting on my desk, sounding like a tiny distant cricket as it tries to absorb everything I had on the data drive of the desktop.   No, it's not done, because I wanted to finish one particular chunk onto CDs before trying the new drive (what if it didn't work right?  What if it did this, or that, or...???  And then I had to reformat it in another format, because the directions said to, and so on.

Meanwhile, how much work have I done on the book today?   Can you guess?  That's right.

And tonight is choir practice, for which I need to leave in no more than 40 minutes if I'm to get a parking place up close to the church.

But meanwhile, since the light in my study was burnt out, I decided to try the different color of light bulbs Himself got last time--too blue-white he said. Better than sickly orange...I put one in the ceiling light.  VERY blue-white, but definitely better than the ones with the greeny-orange tinge.  A bit too blue-white.  Hmmm....so I went and got one of the little greeny-orange ones (the fixture has three sockets) and put it in.  The blend is quite nice, and the total wattage is 20w for a light that is nice and bright and not as ugly as either alone.  It's a dark, gray day outside, damp but not raining, storms probably coming but not yet here.  I needed the light inside.  Now to find a shade that will fit over these things and sort of blend the colors (the old ceiling fixture shade broke years ago...since I'm always facing a computer screen in here, the harshness of the naked bulb overhead never bothered me too much.  But with the fluorescents, I think a fixture shade would be a good idea.

Of course now the stuff that was on the floor in the way of the step-stool is on the bed...begging to be sorted/trashed/put away properly.  If I had started that project this morning...but it's after 3 and I need to leave all too soon.   I'm not seeing "mixed" as a mood...<G>

Tags: computers, energy conservation, fluorescent lights

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