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Road signs

In Colorado:  "High winds may occur" (or was it "Might occur"...not sure.)    Also "Bridges may be icy."   There's a sort of tentative feel to this..."We don't want to scare you but sometimes these things do happen."   I don't think the icy bridges were a clear and present danger in 90 degree heat, but the uncertainty of the warning actually made that seem more likely.

In New Mexico, the wind warnings were more direct, though not frequent.

In Texas:  "Expect wind gusts" and "Crosswinds next x miles..." 

Some places have good signage that even a novice can follow around/through a city and interchange and some don't.  I came into Abilene this afternoon thinking I knew how to get to the right freeway from another freeway and promptly (or not so promptly, actually) got lost, re-lost, and lost again.  At one point I was on the right road, but there were no signs telling me what road it was, so I didn't believe it.  DUH.  And I was hot and tired and had come hundreds of miles just to be lost again.

It's more fun to be lost in the country (and harder to get lost.  Land does not lie.)

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