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Road Trip

I don't have many pictures from the road trip because, for me, the driving days were long and I didn't stop much.  One sign I thought would be funny (and I took the picture through the windshield, while waiting at a stop light) isn't as funny in the picture (it labeled two roads going opposite directions as "North this and North that..." but also had other roads indicating other directions, so it's confusing.  I may try a crop of it, though that means it wouldn't look like it really looked.)

However, here's NE New Mexico looking amazingly green for August--and this wasn't the greenest part, just a part that had a roadside rest stop where I could get out and photograph safely in spite of the "Watch for Snakes" sign.  The dark line in the distance is a train...there's a bit of corral in the midground.   The thickening clouds to the right did indeed coalesce into a thunderstorm behind me as I drove away. 


The next place I could stop and take pictures was at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.   This is a large canyon in Texas' panhandle, very colorful.  It's not as deep as the Grand Canyon, and much of its rock is not as competent (geology term) but it's beautiful and interesting and I wish I'd had more time for it.  The first picture is from the rim, and the second, down a little from there, is looking down on a formation called--for obvious reasons--Spanish Skirts.


While in the park, I photographed many things, some with more success than others (it was around midday, and hot, so some things weren't out...)   At one of the water crossings, where there'd been a flash flood and trucks had cleared away some of the sand from the road, I found dragonflies, damselflies and a tiger beetle; the dragonfly shot didn't come out well, but...


Tags: photography, travel
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