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This year ArmadilloCon was a week after Denvention 3.   Actually less, as Denvention ended Sunday and ArmadilloCon started Friday.  Most of that time I was on the road driving back.  I got home on Thursday around noon, so driving again on Friday was right out.   But it's my local convention, with a lot of people I know and love and wanted to see, so yesterday, Saturday, I went down to just visit.  Michael had missed ice-skating Thursday night (no, even for my son I wasn't getting back in the car and driving down to fencing practice) so after a short time at the convention before the rink opened, I drove him across town and left him there while I went back. 

I had been grabbed early on and asked to *please* be on a panel and do a reading.  I'd already paid for a weekend membership, just in case I had the energy to come back on Sunday (which I don't!)  and to support the local fan group, and was legal...but why not.   Until the panel (5 pm) , I visited the dealers' room, the con suite, sat around and chatted with people, went to lunch with a friend (actually that part came almost first).   But I was increasingly tired and only realized this morning that I forgot (for instance) to check in the dealers' room to see if anyone had books that needed signing, and never got back in there to actually shop.  Never saw the art show. 

The panel, moderated by Selina Rosen (good moderator!  My first experience with her, and she's good at it!)  went well, and some people came for my reading, and stayed to chat (no one was scheduled after mine--it was suppertime) but then my energy really tanked.  I went over to a favorite BBQ place to pick up a sandwich and had forgotten that they now closed at 8 (it was like 5 after 8 when I got there).  Went to DRW's house and had a sandwich and sort of sagged on the couch until it was time to pick Michael up from the rink, and dragged home so tired it was hard to stay focused on driving.   Not good.  Fell into bed and slept almost straight through. 

I'm very glad I went, and sorry that I wasn't as alert and energetic as I like to be at conventions, and I really should've just picked Michael up at 8 and not 9 (though then I wouldn't have seen the Romanian woman win the women's marathon...wow!)   Apologies to anyone there who found me fuzzy-brained, and to those who wanted me to be there today.  Just cannot do it right now.
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