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Toad Sex

We finally got rain (1.7 inches, a rescue rain but only for awhile)  on Tuesday.  Last night toads took over the lily pond, trilling away in an ecstasy of toadly romance.

Well, they call it trilling, in the books, but Gulf Coast Toads in full voice go "Aaaaannnnhhhh!" in a loud nasal sound.  I expect the neighbors don't like it.  Tough.  Leopard frogs are quiet in comparison (they go "Grunk.  Grunnnnk"  on a much lower pitch.


This morning, just now in fact, a rather dissipated-looking toad came hopping home slowly, apparently exhausted by its night of passion, back to the cover of the shade along this side of the house and its bed of damp leaves.

Gotta give those toads a curfew.   Coming home after daybreak, for shame!!
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