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80 acres: two new plant species

This morning, I got word from the Wildflower Research Center's plant ID service on two recent plant discoveries.  On August 18, before any of the rain, we spotted a single odd plant near the west gully system--small, obviously badly drought-stressed, but still flowering with tiny but intensely colored purple flowers.  It was blowing a wind, so none of the pictures are as crisp as I'd like except when I held a spray of the flowers in my hand. 

This little legume is Slender Bush Clover, Lespedeza virginica.  Normally it has more leaves and is a good healthy green.   We can always use more legumes to improve the soil.


Yesterday evening, out walking on the land, I spotted a tall, sturdy forb with white flowers just opening on its top.  This one I was able to figure out for myself.  In my old Peterson field guide to wildflowers, its common name is given as Late-flowering Thoroughwort.  Its botanical name is Eupatorium serotinum.


You can just see the little "threads" from the few florets completely open, which will make this a "mistflower" when it's in full bloom.  I'm hoping for butterflies, and I'd like more of this one, too.

The land looks a lot greener, a week after the rain.

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