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Palin for VP? Headdesk!

Ms. Palin's supporters are loud in their praise of the following : 

She's a mom.

I'm a mom.  Does that make me a good possible VP?

She breastfed her kids.

I breastfed my kid.   Does that make me a good possible VP?

She has a disabled child.

I have a disabled child.    Does that make me a good possible VP?

So far, we're even on the right-wing qualifications for Presidency, though personally I don't think the Constitution says anything about requiring a President to be a parent *or* to breastfeed (luckily, since most men can't). 

She's pretty.

I'm not as pretty as she is.  Again, I question whether "former runner-up for a beauty contest" is really a qualification for national leadership.    We've had some seriously ugly VPs who weren't so bad...

She's comfortable in front of a crowd.

I'm comfortable in front of a crowd.   Does that make me a good possible VP?

She's been elected to office.  And while in office (considering both the offices she was elected to, mayor and governor) she nearly bankrupted the town she was mayor of, by a bad decision, fired a librarian who had publicly stated she would not censor the library holdings (later changed her mind due to public pressure), fired the police chief, pressured out the museum director, city planner, the public works director, fired the Public Safety Commissioner when he wouldn't fire her sister's ex-,  initially lied about it,  and was involved (as her husband was also) with a group that wants Alaska to secede from the Union.  And she received a nice salary (she bragged that she cut her mayoral salary from $68,000 to $64,000) from both the town and later  from the State of Alaska (over $80,000.)   (I would post the URLs of some relevant articles, but after trying to post a URL last time--and these being long ones where I  could easily make a typo...sorry.  The New York Times has one of them.)

I was elected to office and spent two terms on city council in a small town.  You learn a lot that way.  For one thing, you normally learn to get along with people rather than tossing them away like stale bread.   I was also head of the local Chamber of Commerce for one year.   Never got a salary from either job--tax money didn't pad my pockets.   Was elected this year to be VP of an organization of around 1200 writers (and if you think that can't be as contentious as small town or county politics...there's this large attractive bridge in my back forty and I'll be glad to sell it to you for a cool million.)  

The right wing usually demands military experience, ideally in wartime.  Palin doesn't have it.   I do.   Does she know how to return a salute?     Does she know one branch from another?   Does she understand about Marines?   Grunts?  Know what a REMF is?   Understand the difference between, for instance, Vietnam vet, Vietnam-era vet, and Vietnam combat vet?  (We do.  I was in the Marines; my husband was Army; my cousin, an Air Force fighter jock, flew two tours in 'Nam and retired with an indecent number of stars.  His father was a WWII Navy vet.)

Then there's religion.  Supposedly, she's a Christian.   That's what they say, anyway.  She's against abortion (made a statement back down the line that she wouldn't approve abortion if her daughter was raped) and against the wrong books (wanted books banned that offended her), and against gay marriage, and against any sex education but "abstinence only."    Like others of her type, she wants more religious controls on the population via government.

Yet...there are these inconvenient (for Republican Christians) sections in the Gospel that specifically say "feed the hungry, house the homeless..." etc.  Several also point out the importance of telling the truth, and not abusing power, if you have any.  Palin has deliberately cut programs that served single mothers, families with disabled children--basically any "social" program.   (Her proposal to hand out $1200 checks to everyone is chickenfeed for a family with a kid whose medical bills run more than that a month, let alone for a year.)  And (back to the firing of the librarian and the Public Safety Commissioner) she's lied about acts that are at best a misuse o f power, and at worst criminal.  (And her lawyer's trying to get the investigation into Troopergate stopped on the grounds that a commission she appointed should judge whether or not she was wrong.)

In the vast argumentative arena of Christendom, the more argumentative are forever saying "How can you call yourself a Christian if you (do/don't do)  X?"   I am pretty tolerant (which her kind of church considers a fault--you're not supposed to be tolerant)  but setting out to hurt the poor and disabled just  to make the rich richer...abuse of power....lying about abuse of power...does set off a whole set of theological warning bells.   As a friend of mine said recently "They didn't read the same New Testament I did..."  

And this is before we get to some of her other positions.  But just stopping here, for the moment, here's what I find headdesk-worthy about Ms. Palin.   She's lied while in public office before.  She's abused power while in public office before (it's what she lied about...or, what we know she lied about.)   Given her association with an organization that wants to take Alaska out of the Union, how can her oath of office be trusted?   Given her religious fervor, the beliefs of her co-religionists that are in direct conflict with the Constitution, their desire to subvert the Constitution's clear intent, how can her oath of office be trusted?  Given her demonstrated willingness to lie, how can her oath of office be trusted?   Can anyone in the country really believe that she will uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic?    Tjhat she will protect the  freedoms the Constitution lays out so clearly?

I don't think so.

Sure, she's cute and perky and feisty and all those things that look good in a movie about a feisty soccer mom who wins big...but what is it she wants to win?   Unlike the movie where the feisty soccer mom takes on Goliath to help the kids (or a poor family, or save a park) she is right in Goliath's pocket, cheering him on.  

She's Karl Rove's and Phil Gramm's and McCain's right-hand girl,  the perky, feisty brave-little-daughter to McCain's wise old hero-dad image.   This is the same machine--the same Goliath--that put Bush in office, the same machine that's been running the country for the past eight years...a big fat Goliath of a machine.

The whole feisty soccer mom thing doesn't look the same when you see what's behind the act.

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