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80 acres: small stuff

Last year in north Texas, a wet year created a lot of mosquitos and that created a food source for a lot of spiders in one little park.   The vast webs  they created caused a lot of excitement.

So when, yesterday, I saw a small version that looked a lot like those webs, I started looking for the creator of the web.

And here she is:  Ohnoes.  She"s not.  That's because suddenly I can't post pictures.   I uploaded it to my scrapbook...but the button that should let me retrieve it from the Scrapbook and put it here is empty.   I think it may be a ZoneAlarm update I installed.

Naturally, the LJ URL for the image isn't something sensible (like, for instance, using my gallery names as folder names, and numbering images in order within the gallery, or even using the actual filenames I uploaded), so it's hard to type.  I'm going to try copy and paste...maybe, since it's within LJ, this will work.  Or maybe not.  If it doesn't, I'll delete it.  But I've put URLs in before.


(Now see, if it were me doing the coding, the first part would be the same, but after e_moon60, it would have arachnids/filename or arachnids/25.)

I'm pretty sure this is a funnel-web spider, but not sure which genus.  I took the picture down the "gap" in the web.

Tags: photography, spiders, widlife
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