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80 acres: the mystery milkweed

Friday, I noticed that the mystery milkweed, that had had stubs of seed pods before, had only one pod left and it was nearly  mature.  The wind was whipping it back and forth, and the pod appeared to have scars (as from being nibbled, an then the thick white juice solidifying.)  

So first I took pictures of it, and then I picked it and stuck it in the vegetable drawer, in case the botanist at the Wildflower Center can use it for an ID.

Now that I can upload images again, here is a picture of the one remaining pod (out of four plants in bloom)


It's about six centimeters long, and this picture, taken while it was still attached to the plant, shows its attachment: the stem makes a sharp S-curve to keep the tip upright.

Tags: botany
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