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If it's not one thing....

Yesterday I headed out on the big tractor to do some fall mowing.  Partway through, my stalwart John Deere began to lose power.  I tried this, I tried that, but in the end nursed it back to the north horse lot (lined up with the gate, so if the dealer has to winch it aboard a flatbed trailer, it's in a good spot.   It died while I was trying to fiddle with it some more.  It wouldn't re-start.

Something in the fuel line was the most likely cause, I thought, and when R- and M- came home from the movies, R- drained off some fuel and saw no water/fuel line, and it started up with a healthy rumble. 

That didn't last.  This time it killed itself from 1700 rpm.

We had just been through a thing with the small tractor (it came back to us Friday afternoon) and now Bombadil, the big one, is sitting there looking pitiful.

Meanwhile, my email software was preparing an unpleasant surprise.   When the tractor died and wouldn't restart, I came inside, washed my hair, and set about cleaning up one of my two email inboxes.  As part of that, I wanted to compact folders.  And...the program hung up, big time.   It ran and ran and ran, and refused all requests to just give it up.  Eventually, the machine shut down and on restart today after church wouldn't let me into that "profile"...and the info I'd need to create a *new* profile is in the default one where I can't get at it.  

I hope this is the third shoe.

And there's no rain in the forecast, it's still drought conditions here, with everything that briefly turned green a few weeks ago brown again. 

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