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Nose to the Grindstone

By getting to it before breakfast today (helped by a queasy stomach):   2796 words so far today.

Switched to another POV character and plotline.   Story continues to propagate normally.  

We should find out in this book a lot more about Jandalir Arcolin and his background, which I think is going to be plot-significant.   We've already (OK, I've already, but readers-and-me later) found out more about Dorrin, and several other characters from the Paks books.   Kieri's own line is presently the weakest, largely because I was still feeling my way back into the universe with him. 

Paks remains firm in her determination to be minor and not a POV character.  Believe me, I tried.   It's weird to see Stammel from "above" instead of "below."   The former duke's captains (the senior cohort captains) are major players in this one.  So's the Tsaian prince. 

I think the working title (not the publishing title) should be "All Hell Breaks Loose in Tsaia."

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