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Nose to the Grindstone

Last night, I could not keep from going back to the story.   Another 1302 words came pouring out, making yesterday's total a hefty 4098.

Today's words, so far, 2620.

This week, so far: 6718

Found out really interesting stuff about Arcolin, Aesil M'dierra (the only woman presently running a mercenary company in Aarenis), Kieri's banker in Valdaire, Kieri's factor in Valdaire, and other stuff.  The people who manage your property may start thinking they own it.   The renters even more so.   Some mercenary companies treat their wounded better than others.    You can't always trust contract employers (the Pler Vonjans, for instance) to be ready to pay up on time. 

Craft bit:  always look twice at words you make up.   Sometimes they may lead to confusion (confusion avoided, in this case, by looking twice.  Clever made-up word.  Not a good idea.)

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