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80 acres: Small Beauties

Small beauties today included a dragonfly not photographed before (but seen), familiar damsels, a Queen butterfly perched on crepe myrtle, a new spider, and the first tiger beetle seen on the place...recognized because of my experience with the one in Palo Duro Canyon.

First, the dragonfly, a male Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Libellula pulchella, photographed against the sun's angle...a wary insect. 

The flashing white and black spotted wings are eye-catching.  The female has black spots on clear wings.

Next, the new spider, a red-velvet-upholstered jumping spider, Phidippus apacheanus.   It was very active and very fast...


This spider somewhat resembles the Eastern Velvet Ant, which packs a powerful sting...but the spider is also a predator...so who's copying whose warning colors?

Finally, the first tiger beetle I've recognized on the place (thanks to the tiger beetle that caught my eye in Palo Duro Canyon, I knew right away it was a tiger beetle in the genus Cicendela.)

This fellow has brilliant blue/green iridescence on the legs and face, and coppery-green on the pronotum.  A fast runner and flyer...and very unwilling to have the camera too close.


Tags: insect, photography, spiders, wildlife

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