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Nose to the Grindstone

3862 words so far today

18,620 so far this week (Monday through Friday, unless I write more later today.  It's tempting to go for the nice round 20,000 number.)

Particularly happy to make good wordage today since I indulged in a large supper last night that  did not entirely please the digestive tract.  I've been telling my brain it needs to be less dependent on such things, and it seems to be listening, finally.

All of today's was in Arcolin's POV area.  Some people should learn not to assume that the staggering drunk soldier in the alley is safe prey.    Had a certain two footpads lived long enough, they would have learned...but wisdom came too late for them.   Instances of cunning vs. lower cunning occur.   And lo, out of the darkness, a tunnel appears, with people around its entrance.  But wait--there's more.  Just not yet.

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