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Nose to the Grindstone

3177 words today so far.

Likely that won't be all.   The downside of a 5000+ word day is that the story may decide to keep you up all night and dump 20,000 (at least) words' worth of new stuff on you as you lie there turning like a hot dog on a spit.   One revelation after another, all the way through the projected three volumes.

No, I did not get up and write it all down.  I was just a wee tad tired, as the hours passed, and I kept saying, to my Plot Daemon, "Look , that's really interesting stuff, but can you hold it until tomorrow?"  No answer but another large lump of plotstuff down the chute into my head.  I let the story find out that I can have 5000 word days, so it sees no point in doling out Story slower...in fact, it would like to discover that I can write lots more lots faster.

So although almost 3200 words came before 11 am,   it's no good quitting for the day, because very firm nudges are coming from the story itself.

This is what I get for prodding the Plot Daemon in some recent books,  nagging, demanding, begging, nagging again.  "Plot--I need more plot!" I would say and the Plot Daemon would grumble at me.  "Ye'll get it when ye need it, lassie, and no a moment before.  Now get away wi'ye!  Put yer fingers on yer keyboard and quit bletherin' at me."

So now the Plot Daemon is chortling happily as I stagger along with more plot than I can pack away into pages. Serves me right, he says.

Anyway.  A daskdraudigs has been dealt with.  A dangerously depressed person has been rescued from that depression.  A safe storage place for wine, apple brandy, and oilberry oil has turned out not to be that safe.   Someone has corrected the Lady of the Ladysforest and lived.  Someone else asked for a quick death and got it.   And we're about to find out even more about the Verrakaien.

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