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Nose to the Grindstone

3835 words by noon today

21,076 words for the week so far.  If I can finish the current chapter today, that would be nice (though well over 5000 words total, so not likely) but a 21,000 word week is not to be sneezed at.

If you're going to a coronation as a peer of the realm, you need fancier clothes than you had as a mercenary.   These do not hang on racks in large department stores for you to paw through...not in that world where everything's made by hand.   Which takes time.  Which means, it helps to know in advance that you're going to need clothes like that.  If not...better have lots of gold.  (No, you cannot wear your plain black boots, no matter how you polish them...)

If you have a painting that you've always thought was painted on canvas...you just might want to check that.  Before you stick a sword into it because you always hated it.   The results might be less startling.

Finding that a supposed common brigand had a scimitar with a gold and ivory grip should suggest that maybe he wasn't a common brigand.   Though of course loot from an attack on a caravan is a possible source.   Which guess, if wrong, could have the worse result?

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