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Nose to the Grindstone

4349 words so far today.

If in fact this book behaves like the Paks books, with the first third of the story about 33 chapters long, then a third is going to reflect one POV,  because I'm in chapter eleven now of one viewpoint, Dorrin's.  (I have chapters in other viewpoints too, of course.  Arcolin, Kieri, Aliam Halveric, even a little of the Count of Andressat.   Plus two princesses, a Pargunese and a Kostandanyan.  But I don't have eleven straight of anyone but Dorrin.  I didn't worry about things like this while writing Paks.  I'm not worry much now--there's no time with the story pouring out.)

(Additional note, about 8:30 pm:  well, it kept going in the evening.  Now the wordage for today stands at 5337.)

If you're going to claim you're not after someone's crown, it does not help to have the crown you have with you make it clear it wants you.   That kind of thing makes people nervous.  A fancy box acting like a piranha doesn't help either.

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