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Nose to the Grindstone

I realized suddenly that I didn't post the week's total on Friday.  Well, Friday was a mixup, thanks to the monarchs and some other things that happened, like Car #1 being still in the shop, and Car #2 suddenly developing a problem with the automatic door locks (and I would need it Saturday to haul stuff down to the Hill Country Book Festival.)   Friday ended with less than 4000 words, but I'm not sure how many less...being distracted, I failed to mark the beginning point clearly and could not remember at midnight Friday where I'd started Friday morning.

However, the week total was a solid  21,800.

The Hill Country Book Festival also counts as Nose to the Grindstone, just a different track on the grindstone--I had agreed to do this back at the first of the year, and had regretted it steadily since.  I had a speaking part (45 minutes to talk about research techniques) and had to spend the rest of the day (got there at quarter to 8, left around 4:30)  being "up" and present to people who wanted to talk about their books, my books, writing, etc.  Thank goodness I was not tied to one table (Hill Country Bookstore took care of selling the speaker-writer's books; everyone else had a table or half-table to babysit.  But it was exhausting and I came home absolutely flat.

It was a first year for this Festival, which this year was held at the Georgetown Public Library.   For a first year, it was well-organized--attendance wasn't huge, but you don't expect that on a first time, esp. not when it's the day of the Texas-OU game and that's right down the road.    The glitches were mostly predictable, and they got lots of suggestions from others, so I didn't add mine. 

For the show-and-tell part of my presentation, I brought swords and a five-page handout I'd written.  Luckily, writing nonfiction doesn't engage the same part of my brain as the book.

Today, at church, I bugged out after the first service because I was shaky-tired and fainting in front of the congregation and ruining the anthem is not my idea of good chorister behavior.  I lay down in the women's vesting room for about 40 minutes and was then able to drive home...carefully.  

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