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Nose to the Grindstone

5145 words, just before midnight.   I had 3500 when I left for the city about 2:30 pm...thought I'd have an easy 500 when I got home from choir tonight, but in the meantime, starting this morning, a plot bomb fell on me and exploded all over the inside of my head...throwing out backstory, future-story, complications...it's been wild.  Hence the 1500+ words between 10:30, when I got home, and midnight. 

I'm quitting now only because my hand is already swollen and stiff and I'm tired.  (We had an extra-long choir rehearsal.)  

From the point of writing excitement, I love plot bombs, but from the point of getting the first draft finished...when I feel like I'm running breathlessly towards a constantly receding end point...not as much.

But this is nifty stuff that I'm being handed...like why the king of Pargun would dress up like a fisherman and row over to Lyonya all by himself.

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