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Nose to the Grindstone

4040 words before 1 pm. 

One plot-bomb after another.   It's like having a line of mortars coming down across my brain (and book!)  OK, so who set up the artillery and can I please rest my hands???  And could we keep the plot bombs on target for *this* volume and save revelatory plot bombs for the next two until I get there?  Please?

Because the hard deadline for a *finished*, turn-in-able draft to be in NYC on my editor's desk is December 1.

And the book keeps saying "Yeah, but you also need this...and this...and here's the really juicy skinny on X,  and you need to drop in the clues here and here, not when it really hits the fan."


(But yes, I love it.  Hot damn, it's fun when it comes this fast!)

Tags: the writing life

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