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Nose to the Grindstone

Over 6000 words today.  I'm too tired to count exactly, but I think something like 6100. 
Over 24,000 words this week.  122,000 since I started keeping formal count, on September 15.   (Which means even with the short week--that first week was only 13,743--I've averaged 20,000 words/week for six weeks.)

But when you've got two kings, the son and daughter of one of them, the Knight-Commander of Falk, some Halverics, some Pargunese soldiers, some Pargunese lords, some King's Squires, Royal Archers, and someone ends up thrown in the river, plus a fight in an inn....it's a long, long, LONG day.

Bed now.  I hurt. 

Hafdan can die tomorrow.

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