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80 acres: Oops

One of the things they don't tell you in the tractor manual is to look under the mowing deck before starting to mow.

For instance, there might be a skunk under it, who thought it was a nice warm place out of a cold wind last night.

And the skunk who is waked up in broad daylight, assailed by noise and movement and forced to scramble along inside the mower deck as you warm up the engine before turning on the shredder is not a happy skunk. 

And unhappy skunks...well. 

Note to self: always raise the mower deck enough for something to escape from it before driving away.

Mr/Ms Skunk was last seen lolloping down the fenceline in high dudgeon.  I hope it's OK.  I didn't go ask it.  It was in no mood to be interrogated by the Rude Person who turned on the tractor.

Tags: adventures in farming

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