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Well, phoo!

Apparently I've caught what R- has and am going to be coughing, sneezing, snorting, dripping, and blowing my nose like a foghorn for the next howevermany days.

The writing was booming along earlier and I went out to do some much-needed mowing in the pasture before deer season starts (no one in their right mind rides around on a big green tractor in the first few weeks of deer season, because someone will think the roll bar is antlers or something) and then took M- to work and shipped off a package, bought staples (the kind that puncture paper, not the kind that get you through the winter) and 3x5 cards and bird seed (no use driving 20 miles to town and not doing any shopping)  and came home and....about 7 or 7:30 tonight, the head clogged up and the writer brain turned off.   This is not a good time, I told it, and it told me things I can't say in a public forum.  When my sinuses begin to pulsate out the *back* of my head, they are not polite.

Remember about LJ's scheduled downtime tomorrow.  I'm not sicker; they're just unavailable.

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