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Nose to the Grindstone: overall report

Between 9/15 and last Tuesday, when the virus hit, something in the range of 128, 000 words were added to the already large (~100,000) wordage in the book files.  And yet...it's not done (quite) yet.

I spend the non-first-drafting days (after the first, when I lay there too miserable to do anything)  doing first-run revisions on one POV (10 chapters of that POV are now pretty clean) and making the detailed half-day-by-half-day timeline of the first 30 days--and then fixing the relevant POV chapters to conform.   Last night, my first-drafting ability returned.  

I need to mail this puppy no later than 11/25, and 11/20 would be far better.   It's 11/2.   Though the book is too long, I can cut better if it's all out there, all printed, all in notebooks (speaking of which, I need to buy another big binder, because it completely fills two of the big "oversized" 3" binders--the kind that say they hold 670 pages each.)   And all that's there now isn't printed and in the binders yet because...it doesn't fit.  But I did get all the chapters tagged (colored sticky-tags, labeled with chapter names/numbers; the colors indicate POV.)

So, in the next 18 days I need to write another (estimated) 15-20,000 words, do a full three-pass revision with a view to cutting it down below 200,000 words (structural and construction passes; the top-level pass is for finish),  get it "braided" so the chronological sequences is right for readers, print it, and send it off. 

Which means...I'm outta here, with thanks for all your attention,  your kind words, etc.  I'll be posting progress reports but will not have time to answer questions.   Bye now.

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