e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Nose to the Grindstone

4544 words today.  (this is new words, filling one major gap with several important plot points.)

Working on other POV structural clean up in first 30 days of story now.

Tomorrow--finish the chapter that's now 4544, and the one directly following in sequence.  Extend detailed timeline another 30 days (more if possible) and do structural cleanup on as many chapters as time allows.

Structural cleanup where strands of braid cross (where reader sees POV change) cannot be done without detailed timeline to and just beyond that point.

Some sections require hour by hour (sometimes minute by minute, and at the most difficult, move by move) timelines.  Certain critical fight scenes, for instance, are tested in action with helpful members of the local fencing group.  Those were all done earlier in the year, except for the one remaining "Will this work, when can we try it out and see?"  one that resulted from a plot-bomb.  If I hadn't been sick this past week, I'd have gotten that one done...

Tags: the writing life

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