e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Nose to the Grindstone: revision underway

Yesterday and today were revision mixed with new text--the new text made necessary by rearranging existing chunks.    Two of the main POV strands were written almost continously, front to back, and--especially as I moved into crunch time and was writing in full spate--they're pretty logical, with few holes and no tangles.  

The other main POV strand, begun early in the year and interrupted repeatedly by travel, illness, and the requirement to write other works previously contracted, was written in fits and starts, often bits in airports or hotels, when I didn't have access to the whole thing, just the parts I'd taken with me.  As a result, the chronology was tangled, and there were (are!) plenty of gaps and overlaps.   Yesterday's work was about straightening all that out...deciding where fragments fit (or didn't)  and making sure everything I had was printed out and correctly labeled for content, hole-punched, and put in one of the big binders.  Then a synopsis of that POV strand, in detail, then (going back to the binders) moving things around physically, and then (today) starting to revise that POV strand front to back.   It's slower going than I'd hoped and I hope that this strand will improve as I go on.  The last *five* chapters of it are recent work, written in one long rush, and thus pretty good (pretty good means the events are in correct chronological order with no gaps...not that it's publishable as is.)  

The overall synopsis (now written) and the "braid" synopsis (tentative, but I think it's very close) are also now done, so when I get this mess cleaned up, I can probably (please!!) do the braid, then go in and melt and iron the joints so they are seamless.   Normally I can work very fast at this point, but also normally if I have multiple POV strands written separately, they're  all equally "done" at this point.  Long chat with agent on the phone today, discussing progress and how it's all fitting together or not.  

Tags: the writing life

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