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Nose to the Grindstone: Braiding the Strands

Some complications have ensued  (such as discovering impenetrable knots in one POV strand and having to create yet another step-by-step timeline) but the braid is now eight chapters long, with four POV strands involved.  What I  suspect will be the trickiest bit is coming up, where Important Plot Stuff is happening in two POV strands in the same period of time, and the two POV characters are hundreds of miles apart.

Both are "tight" sections...that is, stuff is *constantly* happening, no breaks.  Figuring out exactly where to shift POV, so the reader can follow most easily, is tricky.

After that, POV-D settles down for awhile (stuff is happening but it's not all plot-critical in the larger scheme of things) and then POV-K settles down, and about that time POV -A heats up again, with enough day-to-day space to interpolate K when K heats up and D when D heats up.  There will be another tight-squeeze problem around Midsummer, and then it's back to alternating A and K (not even alternations, really)  and then A and D, and then mostly K to the end.

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