e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Nose to the Grindstone: Revision & polishing

Few things are more humbling than reading one's new work word by word by word in revision and discovering...mistakes!  Blunders!  Wrong words!  Typos! (and if you think typos are just typos, you have yet to be raked over the coals by a Gotcha-ha-ha sort of person.)  

In 230K (approx) words, there will be mistakes.  There will be infelicities--a clunker sentence here, a less-than-perfect word choice there.  Something will be out of order.  And that's what this stage is for, though I'm having to combine all three of my "layers" of revision in one pass here, because of time constraints.   But what I don't like to find it sheer stupidity, rotten-from-the-start sentences that no one beyond the eighth grade should come up with.  But I do.  Every book...and every book I have to clean up the same mess. 

It's going to be a rough week.  But every little blobby bit I get rid of,  you don't have to read.

Tags: the writing life

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