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The day after...

Such good friends.  Such good food.  Such fun.

Today, some drizzle and spatters of rain.  We'll take every drop, happily. 

R- and I  were talking this morning about the day-after-T-day shopping "tradition" and wondering when it started and where.  Neither of us remembers a "Black Friday" shopping day when we were kids.  Of course, our mothers worked, and didn't have the day off, so they were at work, not out shopping, and in our families kids didn't have the resources to go shopping on their own.   Where I lived there was no mall (there is now) and I remember Christmas shopping beginning maybe 2 weeks before Christmas, with the busiest times on Main Street being Saturdays  (the only day most people had off, for limited terms of "off"--it sure didn't include store personnel.)

In our household it was "make decisions about the leftovers" day, if there were any.   When my mother got home from work on Friday, the turkey carcass came out of the refrigerator and went into the soup pot, to make soup.  All  remaining turkey meat was sliced (except for enough for hot turkey sandwiches for supper Friday) and put in freezer containers, same with the gravy.  When the turkey stock was done, that too went into freezer containers and into the freezer.   And it was cleanup day--since I was home from school, I was supposed to put the tiny dining room back in order--vacuum, polish and fold up the table, etc.   (Dishes were  all washed Thursday night, of course, because of the family rule against going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.)  When I was old enough to take washing to the laundromat, or when we had a washing machine (off and on) Friday was also the day to wash all the kitchen towels, potholders, and napkins, and tablecloths.

Not a shopping day.  Not a shopping day now, either, though I'm not thrilled with the "boycott the stores" program which--if successful--simply means more people lose their jobs and more businesses go under.  We don't need that right now.  Living more simply--sure.  Buying only what you need and can afford--sure.  But being aware of others' needs is part of being a community member...and the people who work in retail sales need their jobs too.  It would be better overall if stores didn't depend on the brief T-day weekend for so much of their income--if people had secure jobs year 'round, and spent year 'round for what they need, rather than saving up for a holiday splurge.  But human history suggests that saving up for a splurge is part of the innate behavior pattern. 

Anyway.  Not going out today (R- is, to take M- to work) and looking at a full refrigerator to decide what goes in the freezer first and what we might eat within the next 4 days.  Will be chopping turkey into the sizes I find most useful  in mixed dishes.  Will be washing tablecloths and so on.  Will be moving stuff around in hopes (!) of doing a little organizing before Editor and Agent come back with their comments on the book.  I have some important things that need to be found,  and also I need to get with writing the year-end report on the wildlife management program.

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