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Nose to the Grindstone: When Scary News Comes

Some of you will have heard already that Random House (big Overlord of the imprint that publishes me) is restructuring.

Some of you will be worried about the upcoming book (and the continued availability of my other Del Rey books which you are, of course, recommending to all your friends, right?  Right.) 

Well, the news from my editor's office is reassuring:  business as usual where she (and my books) are concerned.  No suggestion that they're pulling the plug on Blood and Bone, or that publication will be delayed.   That could happen, sometime in the future, but it's not happening now.

I've been through some restructurings before, so I wasn't really panicky when I first heard the news (not really--not much--just needed to put on a fleece vest for some reason...)    I feel a great deal of sympathy for those who will lose their jobs (especially at the bottom of the totem pole, and right before the holidays.)    I hope that somehow (doesn't look possible, but sometimes there are miracles) every one of those people finds work before they lose heart.   And yes, I feel relief that this time my head appears to have escaped the chopping block.  My agent, predictably, said "Keep working on the next book."

Best thing you can do?  Buy books for holiday presents.  Anybody's books, any format, as long as they're sales that will help publishers stay alive.    And if you can't buy books (some of you have lost jobs, or medical insurance and have medical crises looming, or other problems that cut your gift budget to the bone), then read one--anyone's--and be at peace.

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