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Bean Soup

Few things are as comforting to the mind as the smell of a good soup coming from the kitchen.   

We splurged on a spiral-sliced ham for Thanksgiving,  and it was getting past the good slices by yesterday, so I cut out the bone and put four cups of mixed dried beans on to soak.  When they'd doubled in size, I put them,  half an onion, chopped (leftover from a different dish) , some peppercorns,  some herbs, and the ham bone into one of the smaller soup pots and let it simmer overnight.   I forgot to put in any garlic--I'm out of garlic at the moment anyway (how can this be?  Out of garlic!)  

The smell woke me up this morning.  The pot-likker is thick and brown; the beans are soft and succulent.  Also in the pot--scraps of the ham meat cut into chunks, and the drippings (including glaze) from the roasting pan the ham had been in.   The bones are completely cooked out. 

R- had two bowls for lunch; I had one.  Yum.  Not hungry now.

Part of this will go into storage containers for the freezer, and the rest will make supper tonight for R- and lunch tomorrow for me.

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