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December 7

Day of Infamy.

There've been other days of infamy before and since, but FDR had a good turn of phrase.

What I find disheartening is the way that subsequent Administrations (including the soon-to-be-gone one) have missed the basic lesson of December 7, 1941.  What we could have learned (and prevented other problems) is a hard lesson that the various administrations did not want to learn and evaded by doing something else.

And that's particularly true of 9/11.  That sneak attack made it through exactly the same loopholes of official arrogance and intelligence blindness that 12/7 utilized so effectively.

What we should have learned from the courage and sacrifice of those who died at Pearl Harbor is another lesson that some (including this about-to-be-gone Administration) did not want to hear and pretended did not exist.

Where did those sailors and soldiers and Marines come from?  How did we develop, through the Depression, the kind of people who would do what they did during WWII?

The people who worked long shifts in the factories...the people who took up the slack when so many were in the military...the people in the military...could have been stunted in growth, starved during the Depression.  Could have been so disaffected, so dispirited, that they did not care and could not be motivated.  Could have been left without education, without skills, without any cohesion.  But instead, to the limited extent possible, jobs were created.  Jobs that did the public good by creating infrastructure while also providing income.  Jobs that ensured future soldiers would be fed, clothed, housed and taught skills and given experience working alongside others.

We won that war with the products of the New Deal programs such as CCC and WPA and the other programs that subsequent blind stupidity has cast such scorn on.  Subsequent blind stupidity would rather have unemployed men in prison, learning nothing but anger and hatred and criminal skills.

It's a day to remember how easily arrogance can be fooled into complacency...and how valuable are the resources we used to have.
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