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MESSIAH: first orchestra rehearsal

I really, really, REALLY love singing with an orchestra.  Organ, yes.  Piano, yes.  But for full blow-out thrill, there's nothing like an orchestra complete with (for my money) tympani and trumpets.  And the right music.

Just sayin'.

I really don't like rickety risers or guys who have to tap their feet on said rickety risers that then vibrate under us all.  

It was a great rehearsal.  Not great in the sense that we did everything perfectly the first time and so did the orchestra.  That never happens; there's always the need to adjust one group to the other, in that exact venue, to get the best possible result.  But great in the sense that it was productive, and we got to sing a lot.   Some people, I understand, are bored by MESSIAH and don't want to sing it anymore.   I'm sorry for them.   I enjoy it.   A lot.   It's not my absolute favorite music to sing with orchestra.  (Mozart Requiem, Bach Magnificat, and I would love a chance to do the Brahms German Requiem or Beethoven's Mass in C.  And a few others.)  But it's up in the top rank, for me, of music that I like, and like to sing.

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