e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Dry: the numbers

An Austin station reported this morning that Austin's sixteen inches down in rainfall for the year. 

We've had less rainfall than Austin.

City wells are lower  than ever and one has flat quit--800 feet down, there's no more water in that hole.   Other wells aren't producing at the normal rate...too many wells have tapped into that aquifer in rapid development in this county.  (But the county is known to be development-friendly, so permits for new wells for developments are always given.)

The wind continues to blow.  Clouds blow over but no rain falls.   There's always been a rainfall gradient from the Gulf (high) to the west (lower and lower...) but this year it's extreme.   Sixteen inches down means less than half the average annual rainfall. 

Drought is a periodic event here, but with overall rising temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns, it appears it's going to be worse. 

Tags: weather
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