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New blogs and website

I now have a blog on the Speed of Dark website:


And I have a new website for the Paksenarrion-world books, with a blog embedded on it, as well:


Both are minimal in terms of content at this point (a few posts each) but should grow.

The Paksworld website is still minimal, front page only, but should grow over the next week or two.  If anyone has a good clip-art source of borders--interesting borders--that would look good on a title block, let  me know.  I'm looking for a not-quite-Celtic, maybe-Nordic look, but (because of the Aarenis stuff) Renaissance Italian is also a possibility (I know--completely different styles.)   I've lost somewhere my old Dover books of design elements.

http://www.paksworld.com   is the site.  There's a basic front page up, for now.

Thanks to Ruta at Willowbrook Designs http://www.willowbrookdesigns.com/

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