e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Sacrificial Squirrel

I think I've mentioned that the squirrels are all engaged in courtship rites, such as racing up and down trees after each other, making wild leaps in the air, etc.

Well, this afternoon one love-sick squirrel was apparently showing off near the transformer on the power pole and in a moment of lust-blinded stupidity managed to immolate himself on a transformer.   Or herself.   It was dark by the time the power company's repair truck arrived and we found the squirrel; we didn't do a full CSI and autopsy,  so I don't know which gender it was.   All the squirrels--chasers and chased--have been acting wild and crazy.

So several hours without power, as the afternoon waned and the sun sank in the west and the house got noticeably cooler.  Even chilly, to a Texan.

I was very glad to hear the truck in the drive (and very glad I have one of those cavers' headights, the LED kind, so I could go open gates in the dark.  I had thought ahead and locked the horses in the small paddock connected to the barn.)

Very glad to have the lights back on, the heat back on (it's propane, but it won't come on without the blower and the blower is--you guessed it--electric.)  

Tags: country life
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