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Richard found the pots.   Since Thanksgiving I'd been unable to locate two pieces of RevereWare--one of the tall saucepans and the smaller of the two Dutch ovens I have.  Since the Dutch oven is my favorite for reconstituting homemade soup for two, as well as several other purposes--and the tall saucepans are great when heating *large* cans-ful of something--I was glad to see them home again.  They were in MIchael's place but had at some point been pushed to the far back corners of the sink-side cabinets, probably during the clean-up after T-day dinner.

My agent reported a big jump in sales of The Speed of Dark last week, in Austin.   We decided finally that one of the colleges/universities there must've decided to use it for a class.  (If anyone knows, I'd be interested...)

The sun came out today.  Since we haven't had any rain with the fog and thick clouds and so on,  I didn't mind a bit when it cleared off enough to hang some clothes outside.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I found the DVDs Michael wants for Christmas (some at Target, one at Best Buy), got the converter box for the top of our TV,  bought some more wild bird seed (no, you *can't* plant it and get wild birds...!)  and got home before midnight.

Finished an article today and emailed it to the editor.   Have done the agent-requested changes to the new book. 

Heard from the guy whose company car we're buying (assuming when we take it to our car person it checks out OK.) 

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