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Easier in electronics...

I spent a little time this morning (OK, longer than a little) organizing my bookmarks.  Tidying up an inchoate mass of bookmarks is easier than tidying the house, which is why the house is still a wreck but the bookmarks all made it into either the trash bin or folders. 

I know people who try to limit themselves to some small number of bookmarks, but not me.  I have lots of folders, many with sub-folders.   It is a wee tad annoying that I can't change the order of the folders (I would prefer the most often used/important at the top, or alphabetical, instead of the oldest at the top) but now that I can see all the folders without having to scroll (well...almost all) I'm much happier.  

I did manage to get the newly purchased curtains into the wash (to eliminate the plastic smell from the plastic pouches they were in at the store) and onto the line, and laid a black plastic trash bag on my bed as a hint that there are clothes to be put in it for Goodwill.  That hasn't happened yet--we finally have a bit of sun and I'm going for a walk now that the clothes are on the line.

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