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Well, phooey

Though the website implies that we could get broadband via cable out here, when I called to find out for sure, the answer was "No."  Though there is cable, it is very basic--no internet, no digital phone, no extra channels.  (We don't have or want cable TV, so I had no idea what the limitations were or weren't.) 

Supposedly we can get DSL through Embarq at a half-decent speed, but our phone lines aren't nice clean modern phone lines--they're old phone lines, given to ranging from crackly to out completely in rainy spells, which I know lowers the speed (boy, do I know it on dial-up.)   And I'm not sure we can *really* get it with Embarq.  Some months back, they told me No, but now there's a salesperson who says Yes. 

Moderate grump.  I'd really like to have a nice fast broadband connection (who wouldn't?)    And with no competition, I'm stuck with the one provider--no deals to be cut.

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