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Happy New Year and a snippet

Happy New Year to all, with best wishes for health, joy, and peace in your life and the lives of all.

Now for that snippet from the second volume of the new group....

In the morning, clouds and snow had blown past, and a pale blue sky scoured by wind opened over them.  Kieri heard a noise in the stable yard below, and peered out his window to see the Pargunese king, stark naked, washing himself from a bucket of steaming water; the two Pargunese lords, just as bare, were doing the same.  Did they never stop proving how hardy they were?  When the king had finished, he gave a shout and ran bare as he was around the yard, and the other two ran after him, all laughing like boys.  Kieri eased the shutter closed, and shook his head. 


Tags: celebrations, snippet

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