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enTITLEment: the new book

I had a title I really liked for the new book, resonant with various deep plot elements (family relationships, bloodlines, depth of commitment to this and that) but although the alpha readers liked it, some people who hadn't read the book were put off by it.  UK editor said she thought it was too "urban fantasy".  

So as of today, there's a new tentative title.  Agent likes it, and thinks editors will also like it.    It has resonance with many of the ceremonies of the new book, and is a more open association than before.  I still like the old title a little better but I like lots of people picking up the book and actually reading it more.

Titles, as I discuss in the Paksworld blog, have many tasks to perform for a book, all of which combine in "attract potential readers who will probably like the book."  

So--though it's still tentative, I expect that Oath of Fealty will make it through the editorical filters.    If it doesn't, I'll let you know what the next attempt is.

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