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Started off with the last of the biggest full moon of the year--clouds had moved away to the east, so we could see the moon clearly before dawn...huge and bright as it swung in the west.   I was on the road before dawn, headed for church (brrrr--cold.) 

Sang two services:  "Behold the Lamb of God" from MESSIAH, with organ, and "O Sacrum Convivium" a capella.   Lot of choir today, really nice not to be one of one-to-three altos, and the sopranos were glad to have more too.  

It was warmer after church--not warm, but warmer--and I anticipated a lovely walk on the land, but a couple of nagging physical problems kept me close to the house.   Just because I wore my church  shoes for the first time since Christmas Eve, did my feet have to go into cramps?    

The horses were down at the other end of the lot, Mac standing over the remaining hay, and Bananaface under his favorite cedar tree, apparently asleep as his lower lip was hanging down.   I checked on their water, and the cat wound herself around my ankles, but the horses ignored me.

Instead of wandering farther afield, with the foot cramps (they weren't giving up to mere walking shoes and some walking)  I spend time inside learning (among other things) how to make a burrito blaster.  I don't particularly want to make a burrito blaster (I prefer to eat burritos,  thanks)   but the thought did occur that if the thing were less obtrusive  (it's huge) it would be the perfect way to throw rotten tomatoes at really bad drivers  on the freeway.   Though probably  that would lead to the War of Rotten Vegetables  and end in tears when someone escalated to watermelons.  

Tags: choir, life in the country

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