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Good News

Had a chat with my new editor today--Betsy Mitchell--who is actually my very first book editor--responsible for the shape that the Paksenarrion books took when they first hit the shelves.    I was lucky to have her as my first editor and I feel lucky to have her now--could not hope for better.   She's always been enthusiastic about the Paks story, and in a few other things she's proven she has a direct line to my backbrain (Remnant Population, for those of you who like it, started fermenting in my head thanks to a chat we had and a book she sent me.)

I had heard she would be the one, but was still afraid the message might have been incorrect and it would be someone I didn't know, since I didn't get it directly until today...and when corporations start "restructuring" you're never quite sure how it's going to shake out.   So this is very good news indeed and my fluttering heart has settled back into place.  

BTW, for those of you checking out the Paksworld blog on a feed, some comments on that blog would be a help.  Just sayin'.

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