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Two hours? Ha!

Well, there was a lot to look at.  Nothing wild and woolly, unless you count the peregrine falcon that appeared, flew by, and disappeared while I was deep in a hammock with binocs but no camera...

Flowers, butterflies, beetles, bees, bugs for which I have no name (mating under a leaf on the elbowbush),  minnows in the water, cricket frogs (lots of those, including at Owl Water), a very nervous young Texas spiny lizard which, like the falcon, appeared when I had no camera in hand. 

The bird list includes white-crowned sparrows, house sparrows, Lincoln sparrow, cardinals (lots, as always) and something tiny and green (no, it did not hang around for me to get the binoculars focused on it.) 

Unfortunately for my intent to spend peaceful quiet time out there thinking through the problem Teddy Ransome has gotten himself into, the neighbor to the west was doing something with large loud machinery, up and down the fenceline (and sometimes away from it.)   I understand the needs of farming...but it was such a perfect, quiet day with just enough breeze, not a roaring wind.   I found myself plotting ways to buy the land to the west (all fruitless--we don' t have that kind of money and it's not for sale.)

Despite the two tenths of an inch of rain the other night, the water's down everywhere.  The gully system's dropped about three inches; Westbrook isn't flowing east of "the island" (but still has plenty of water backed up behind the rock crossing); the creek itself is down (but still flowing).  I did some needed trailwork (not all of it, but some trimming up here and there.)     I don't like catching my summer hat (tall straw) on things that make holes in it (the ticks come in, the ticks don't come out)  and really prefer not to be brushing up against leafage.  Again...that's where the ticks are, but also a variety of other things that sting, even through a denim overshirt.

But then, I don't like wide trails everywhere, and I like twisty trails (they're more trail-like) so it's an artistic as well as practical approach. 


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