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I've been working (surprise, surprise) and not even going out to look  at things when the weather wasn't stormy.  I'm still working. 

Posts are likely to be sparse.  OTOH, the various viewpoint strands in the book are finally cooperating in braiding together the right way.  Jennie (friend from choir, freelance editor) let me talk her ears off last Sunday between the morning services and again between the last morning service and the Celtic service in the afternoon, and that got the worst tangle straightened out.  There are of course  holes (where strands don't fit smoothly and one or all need filling out) and gaps here and there (durn--did I really leave that big a space between that scene and the next one? Yup.) and fossils...things that were in the story, but something happened in writing another part and now those things aren't in the story.  So they must be excised and something put in their place. 

Printing is also happening, but slowly.  When I print, I have to stop and punch holes and put things in the notebook for final polishing (I can't do final polishing nearly as well onscreen.)   

Just so you know. 

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